JLM lubricant products are one of Irelands top sellers of additives for cars.

Established in 2010, based in the manufacturing powerhouse of The Netherlands, JLM Lubricants is a global brand that designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of premium products for the automotive industry. JLM products are primarily developed for the professional motor mechanic working in an increasingly diagnostics based environment.

JLM Lubricants have distributors in more than 40 countries and rising.

The JLM team develop products that keep internal combustion engines in peak form. Their fuel additives have a dual capacity – preventative and problem solving; they maintain the lowest CO2 emissions possible and reduce or eliminate the need for repairs.

The JLM range includes TUV approved Valve Saver products, DPF cleaners with cerium and platinum and the OEM standard JLM Advance engine oil.

Available now for collection in our Waterford store or for next day delivery throughout Ireland.

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JLM Dpf Cleaner 375ml J02210

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36.95 Inc Vat

JLM DPF Cleaning Tool J02250

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220.17 Inc Vat

JLM E10 Fuel Treatment 250ML

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17.95 Inc Vat

JLM Engine Oil Flush 250ML J04835

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14.50 Inc Vat