Starchem Stockists Ireland

We are direct supplier from Starchem UK paint refinishing products in Ireland.

StarChem Ltd is a manufacturer of tack cloths and supplier of a vast array of paint refinishing products.

Our products are used in the following areas:

  • Car repair
  • Car manufacture
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Powder coating and metal finishing
  • Boat building and repair
  • Furniture manufacturing

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Starchem 36″ Masking Paper Dispenser

Out of stock

123.00 Inc Vat

Starchem Air Palm Sander 150MM

Out of stock

129.15 Inc Vat

Starchem Bumper Mate Panel Stand

Out of stock

56.00 Inc Vat

Starchem Caulking Gun

In stock

5.01 Inc Vat

Starchem Circular Sanding Block 150MM

Out of stock

10.00 Inc Vat