A hand picked selection of tools that should be in every mechanics or DIY’ers toolbox alike. These have been selected for their practicality and through feedback from our existing customers.

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Angry Jester 1/2″ Flexi Head Ratchet

45.24 Inc Vat

Breaker Bar Head Replacement

1.00 Inc Vat

Draper Ratcheting Hose Clamp Pliers 230MM

57.02 Inc Vat

Laser 0214 Vice Grip 250MM

21.16 Inc Vat

Laser 0239 Oil Can 500CC

11.32 Inc Vat

Laser 0295 Bolt Extractor Set 6PC

15.01 Inc Vat

Laser 0884 Ratchet Crimping Pliers

40.74 Inc Vat

Laser 1336 Automatic Wire Striper

32.66 Inc Vat

Laser 1343 Power Bar 1/2″

25.83 Inc Vat

Laser 1545 Replacement Power Bar Head 1/2″

11.75 Inc Vat

Laser 2646 Universal Clutch Alignment Tool

23.31 Inc Vat

Laser 3990 Pick-Up Tool With Needle Jet Tool

16.30 Inc Vat

Laser 4919 Brake Pipe Bender

25.50 Inc Vat

Laser 5496 Fork Ball Joint Separator

21.21 Inc Vat

Laser 5698 Multi-Purpose Oil Transfer Syringe 200CC

27.96 Inc Vat

Laser 5822 Micro Ratchet Set 2PC

28.23 Inc Vat

Laser 6226 Engraver Diamond Tip

29.50 Inc Vat

Laser 6228 Multimeter Digital

23.99 Inc Vat