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Angry Jester Digital Display Circuit Tester

53.51 Inc Vat

Automotive Circuit Tester

5.95 Inc Vat

Battery Tester Dry Cell

6.95 Inc Vat

Connect 36817 Assorted Mini Heat Shrink Butt Connectors 36PC

21.48 Inc Vat

Connect 77023 Auto Probe 6-24V

60.95 Inc Vat


19.94 Inc Vat

Digital Multimeter

22.50 Inc Vat

Digital Multimeter

52.94 Inc Vat

Digital Multimeter 16 Function

24.60 Inc Vat

Draper 1.2MM Lead Free Flux Cored Solder 250G

27.75 Inc Vat

Draper Electrical Cable Reel 10M

27.68 Inc Vat

Four Socket Industrial Cable Reel 230V

54.99 Inc Vat

HD Auto Circuit Tester 6-24V

15.94 Inc Vat

Laser 0280 Circuit Tester 6-24V

9.15 Inc Vat

Laser 0884 Ratchet Crimping Pliers

40.74 Inc Vat

Laser 1336 Automatic Wire Striper

32.66 Inc Vat

Laser 2297 Solder Tube Dispenser

6.59 Inc Vat

Laser 5640 Soldering Iron 240V 40W

19.21 Inc Vat