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Laser tools provide the Irish market with high quality specialist automotive tools. Shop now for next day delivery throughout Ireland.

The Laser Tools range specialises in the automotive sector and our products are available through automotive wholesale outlets, motor factors, independent retailers, hardware stores and van sales.

We offer a full range of traditional high quality hand tools but we are also well known for our ever increasing range of special tools designed to make easy work of difficult and awkward jobs. These tools are the result of feedback from the sharp end of the automotive industry - the actual technicians working on today's motor cars. When a problem is identified on specific vehicles our engineers devise a solution that is both cost effective as well as making the job easier for the technician - usually meaning that the work can be carried out on the vehicle in situ - rather than removing sub-assemblies and then removing and replacing the faulty component on the workshop bench.

Once thoroughly tested at our Southam Tech Centre, many of the specialist tools are manufactured at our subsidiary company, Eldon Tool and Engineering in Sheffield, where the whole production process is completed at one facility, from the original CAD design work and rapid prototyping, through machining and manufacture, to final packaging and dispatch.

Our impressive range of engine timing tools is constantly being updated - when vehicle manufacturers introduce new engines our engineering team immediately start on the design of the relevant timing tool kits - we were first to market with kits for the new Ford EcoBoost engines for example.

As manufacturers innovate and introduce new technology in their vehicles, Laser Tools innovate and introduce new, up-to-the-minute tools to keep the technician fully capable; recent additions to the special tool range include fully insulated tools for working on electric and hybrid cars.

Make Laser Tools your trusted supplier of high quality, exciting and innovative tools.

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Laser 0090 Socket Rail Set 3PC

10.25 Inc Vat

Laser 0093 10″ Extension Bar 1/2″

10.50 Inc Vat

Laser 0100 Spark Plug Socket 16MM

5.08 Inc Vat

Laser 0214 Vice Grip 250MM

21.16 Inc Vat

Laser 02141 Grease Gun 500CC

18.45 Inc Vat

Laser 0234 Oil Filter Wrench ->120MM

11.71 Inc Vat

Laser 0235 Oil Filter Wrench 120MM->

11.98 Inc Vat

Laser 0239 Oil Can 500CC

11.32 Inc Vat

Laser 0246 Spark Plug T-Bar 16MM

7.63 Inc Vat

Laser 0280 Circuit Tester 6-24V

10.00 Inc Vat

Laser 0285 Piston Ring Compressor

27.00 Inc Vat

Laser 0295 Bolt Extractor Set 6PC

15.01 Inc Vat

Laser 0591 Telescopic Wheel Brace

21.35 Inc Vat

Laser 0884 Ratchet Crimping Pliers

49.99 Inc Vat

Laser 0952 Hex Key Set 10PC

9.08 Inc Vat

Laser 0973 Stanley Blade Dispenser 10PK

5.08 Inc Vat

Laser 1336 Automatic Wire Striper

32.66 Inc Vat

Laser 1343 Power Bar 1/2″

25.83 Inc Vat