A selection of additives to clean cooling systems. products available to fix leaking cooling systems and repairing head gaskets on vehicles.

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Anti-Freeze and Coolant 4L

19.99 Inc Vat

Blue 2 Year Antifreeze 20L

65.01 Inc Vat

Blue Concentrate Antifreeze 5L

18.01 Inc Vat

Carlube Radiator Flush 300ML

5.01 Inc Vat

Carlube Radiator Sealer 300ML

6.16 Inc Vat

Coolant/Antifreeze Concentrate 1L

7.50 Inc Vat

Elring Dirko Gasket Maker Grey 70ML

8.00 Inc Vat

JLM Radiator Clean & Flush 250ML J04813

12.00 Inc Vat

JLM Radiator Stop Leak 250ML J04811

12.00 Inc Vat

K-Seal Radiator Repair

20.00 Inc Vat

Laser 4293 Antifreeze Tester

12.24 Inc Vat

Liqui Moly Engine Stop Leak 150ML 8956

5.01 Inc Vat

Liqui Moly Radiator Flush 300ML 1804

8.00 Inc Vat

Liqui Moly Radiator Stop Leak 250ML 2533

6.00 Inc Vat

Mannol Air Brake Antifreeze

7.12 Inc Vat

Mannol Blue Antifreeze AG11 20L

50.00 Inc Vat

Mannol Blue Antifreeze AG11 5L

15.01 Inc Vat

Mannol Blue Concentrate Coolant 1L

5.95 Inc Vat