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We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our range of tools for hire for your car.  Alongside our Ford/Volvo bushing tools for hire is the new Draper self adjusting clutch tool which is an essential bit of kit when fitting self adjusting clutches. Here is our range of tools that are available to hire now:

Trailing arm bush removal / installation tool Mondeo & S60


This tool is an essential bit of equipment when removing trailing arm bushes on the back of the Ford Mondeo, Galaxy, Smax and the Volvo S60 or V70. It eliminates the need for the removal of any mounting plates or bushes, and you do not need to disconnect any brake lines to achieve results. Without the use of this tool, you would almost have to drop the back axle to gain access to the bush, but by using this tool you meerly have to unbolt the control arm bush, pull down the control arm and then use the tool to remove the old bush and fit the new bush. This save you both time and money, and it also takes away 90% of the hardship attached to the job.

Part no: Draper 73845

View the video on how to use this tool HERE

In the video above the mechanic has the control arm in a vice, this is to demonstrate how the tool works, it is mainly used when the control arm is on the car.

View this product in the Draper catalogue HERE

Trailing arm bush removal / installation tool Focus & S40


Here is our trailing arm bush removal & installation tool for the Ford Focus and The Volvo S40.

The new Laser Rear Suspension Tool (part number 4437) allows the mechanic to remove and install the bushes on the rear trailing arm on the rear suspension on a range of Ford Focus models. Removing these bushes is often a time consuming job but this tool enables the job to be done with the trailing arm still in place. It has a thrust bearing for removing the old bushes swiftly and replaces them equally effectively, saving time and money on a difficult job. Keeping the tool well greased during after and before operation will ensure the tool is ready to perform whenever necessary.

Applications: Ford Focus Mk I (1998 – 2007), Focus Mk II (2007 – 2012), Kuga (2008 – 2012), C-Max (2003 – 2007); Mazda BK (2005 – 2009), CR (2005 – 2010); Volvo V50 (2004 – 2012), S40 (2003 – 2012).

Self adjusting clutch kit (38 Piece)



This is our newest member of the rental range. As Self adjusting clutches are becoming more common, we saw the need for this tool becoming more and more popular. This is due to self adjusting clutches need to pre-tensioned when fitting because SAC clutches are made to get the very last amount of wear out of the clutch disc. This is becoming apparent when a cars clutch will keep going until the point of failure, unlike non SAC clutches that give plenty of warning for example they slip. We have been told that SAC clutches that are fitted without the tool and are not pre tensioned run the risk of having a very heavy pedal straight away after fitting and will fail much faster that if the tool is used. We have also been notified by LUK that if the SAC clutch is not pre-tensioned by this tool, it could work perfect 8 out of 10 times but any mechanic that has fitted a non pre tensioned clutch that they will always use this tool as a precaution. It may well and probably will save you time and money to use the tool so there is no doubt about the tension of the clutch.

Necessary for pre-tensioning self-adjusting clutches prior to removal/installation preventing clutch damage and premature wear. Ideal for self- adjusting clutches on BMW, Fiat, GM Vauxhall/Opel, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Volvo and VW/Audi.

Part No: Draper 38600

See how the tool works HERE

We are continuing to expand our range of rental tools, for more information call one of the team on 051-873879


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