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Large range of stop start batteries now available in Waterford


A common feature on newer cars is the stop start function. This is a really cool feature that saves fuel when in traffic or when intermittent stopping and then moving is required.  But in order to support this feature your car needs some new technology to support the stop start feature. In addition to a heavier duty battery, cars with the stop start feature require higher quality or up rated starters and alternators to deal with the constant workload that is required.

What makes a stop start battery different?

A stop start battery is different from your standard battery in multiple ways. The most notable and obvious difference between a stop start battery and a standard battery is the need for more power and the need for faster regeneration of the stop start battery. When you think of a journey around Waterford in a stop start enabled car, you see how the battery is required to have an increased workload. For example, you’re driving, and then stopped at traffic lights, your car cuts out but all the functions that are available to you when driving normally are still active ( radio, wipers, heating, lights), even though the car’s engine is not running. This means that all additional power needed to power these items is coming solely from the battery, without help from the alternator.

So to address this, car makers made stop start batteries, these have come in two forms, AGM and EFB.

An AGM battery or an Absorbent Glass Mat battery is different than a standard lead battery, because the glass mat absorbs acid better. It is totally maintenance free with no water consumption. Due to the better absorption of the acid, this type of battery can hold its charge far longer than tradition lead batteries.  It also gives the battery a longer life and reduces cost over a long period given its longer life.

An EFB battery or an Enhanced Flooded Battery is similar to a standard battery. Its design is the same but is upgraded to enhance charge acceptance and it has far higher durability than its standard counterpart. For example an EFB has 280,000 engine starts and your standard run of the mill battery has only 30,000. The reason for the introduction of EFB batteries is that it’s a cheaper option than an AGM battery but still provides far more power than a standard battery.

Can you put a standard battery in a stop start car?

This is a really common question we get at the counter (usually just after we tell the customer the price of an AGM or EFB!). No you cannot fit a standard battery to a stop start car. If you do fit a standard battery it leads to all kinds of hardship in the weeks or months ahead! Basically a stop start car as a management system set up for all the additional functions in the car. This system senses a low rated or standard battery in the car to ensure that there is enough power in the battery to continually start the engine. This means that some functions of a stop start car can stop working or warning lights may come up on the dash due to the reduction of power offered by the standard battery. Some battery companies also talk of the risk of explosion of a standard battery in a stop start car but there’s a hint of scare mongering there, but it could be true, and I wouldn’t like to find out!!

Did you know….

In researching about AGM and EFB batteries, I was surprised to learn the age old assumption that leaving any battery on the ground will drain the energy out of it. This is a MYTH!! Not only is leaving a battery on the ground for a long period of time acceptable, it will have no bearing on the energy that is stored in the battery at all!

This myth stems back to leaving real old school wooden or glass case batteries on the floor where the damp used to swell the wood apparently!



Any questions about AGM or EFB stop start batteries, don’t hesitate to call us and find out more, if we don’t know the answer we have a few battery specialists we can call to get an answer. We have a comprehensive range of traditional batteries in our Waterford store, with our range of EFB and AGM batteries growing every month.

Our main brands that we have chosen are Yuasa, GS, Exide, Banner, Tungstone, Dagenite and Bosch. All start with a 2 year warranty depending on the brand.

We also have a large section of motor bike batteries and commercial batteries available in store.

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