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Selling your car privately can be difficult at times. This is down to the sheer volume of cars that are on offer over the various marketplaces. So with competition being so strong on Donedeal and the likes there are ways you can boost your chances of selling that second hand car fast. With the old phrase of “you have to spend money to make money” in mind, there are a number of cheap improvements that can be made to sell your car quick. In order to increase the chances of selling your car, it must stand out from the crowd and the potential buyers first impression is everything.

Wheels & Tyres

We are going to start from the ground up. Clean and shiny alloys and tyres can make a car stand out from the rest. We recommend using the old reliable and longstanding best alloy cleaner Wonder Wheels. This cleans the brake dust off of your alloys and gives them that new shiny look. Tyre shine is also a great product to give your tyres that clean look. A clean set of alloys and tyres can add value to your vehicle and may entice your potential customer to purchase your car. View our full range of Wheel and Tyre cleaners here.



Whether your car has perfect paintwork or it has more hits than the Beatles, OWN IT. Your cars paint finish is the first thing a potential buyer notices when they view your car. A simple and cheap way of giving your car its best look is a simple all in one Wash & Wax. This can be done by simply putting a capful in a bucket, brush it on and wash off. Your car now has a long lasting shine and a coat of wax with minimal effort. View a full range of our exterior cleaning products here.


Number Plates

Believe it or believe it not, A clean set of new number plates make a huge difference to the look of a second hand car. An old reliable for used car dealers is fitting new number plates on every car that they advertise. It has an instant effect of giving your second hand car with a new look. This is a cheap modification at €11 each for metal pressed plates. These are made in our store on the spot and usually only take around 5 minutes to make up, Just don’t forget your logbook! Orders can also be made through our Whatsapp, all is needed is a picture of your Log Book and we can deliver nationwide.

Under the bonnet

engine-cleaning-waterfordEvery person that has ever went to view a second hand car has pulled the bonnet for a quick look under the “hood”. Even if they haven’t a clue what there looking at or where to find the dipstick, they still want to see if the car has an engine! The look and cleanliness of your engine bay is often over looked by sellers but its an important part in making that sale. In order to have all the plastics and engine components looking their best and oil free, an engine and parts de-greaser is recommended.


Car Mats

Fitted car matsAs Mike Brewer Said ” the interior of your car is your showroom” when you are trying to sell it. So to put your best foot forward and really entice the viewer to purchase, having a clean and organised interior will help your sales pitch. Fitted car mats don’t only look the part but a new set is not expensive at €35 for a full set of four. This minor adjustment gives the interior of your car that new feel. To order a set of fitted car mats call the counter today on 051-873879 for nationwide delivery.



Dash & Trim

valeting-supplies-waterfordA simple dash and trim restorer can bring that glossy new look back to your dashboard and door card. This is a cheap and obvious tip that gives the potential buyer an impression of what the car was like when it came out of the factory. View our full interior cleaner range here.




Air Freshner

air-freshnerThis is a really obvious tip to improve your chances of the sale. An Air freshner doesnt cost much and can really improve the buyers impression of the car. Another idea on this line is an upholstery cleaner like Carplans Interior Valet, that is easy to use and really effective to clean your seats and carpets. This will give our car a new look and a fresh scent to push that sale over the line.

Final Tips

  • Setting the right first impression and giving your car the attention it deserves is key when selling it. It doesn’t take long or much money to completely transform the look of your car .
  • Be completely honest with the potential buyer and let them know about any existing problems that you are aware of. This is not only the sound thing to do, it can save you all kinds of stress in the long term.
  • Take Good Photos….. This is in bold because its probably the most important tip. Whats the point in putting the effort into making your car look nice when you only upload two photos of it online! Also choose the background wisely, no one wants to buy a car that is photographed in front of granddads dung heap, choose a nice clean location or somewhere with a clean background.

We hope you have found some useful tips above and found this piece helpful, If so leave a comment below or any suggestions you would like to add. Best of luck with the sale!!

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