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The ultimate car lovers gift guide for Christmas 2021 in Ireland

car gift guide

Our Ultimate Car Lovers Christmas gift guide for Xmas 2021 in Ireland

So we are all getting used to the idea of this Christmas being a little bit different from previous years. Shopping for gifts may be a little more difficult so we here at Autofactors Waterford have decided to put together a list of some of our best sellers in order to take the stress out of your gift shopping this year.

We provide free next day delivery of your purchases anywhere in Ireland for orders over €100. We will also send each gift pre-wrapped to take the stress out of your Christmas shopping this year. If you choose a gift off of our website please leave a note at checkout to gift wrap it! If you would like to contact us in order to choose the perfect gift this Christmas, call us on 051-873879 or email us at .

Draper Wireless Rechargeable Torch Kit

The Draper rechargeable torch kit is the ultimate must have gift this Christmas. The Set comes with 1 400 Lumen Headlamp with 21 hour Battery life, 1 1000 lumen hand torch with up to 200 Hours of battery life and the wireless charging station. Never worry about recharging your lamps again as you simply just magnetically place the head lamp and the torch on the charging pad and they charge without any wires attached to the lamps themselves. You can either mount the Wireless charging pad using the magnets onto a tool box or screwing it directly into a wall using the mounting holes. Ideal for any workshop or household where you can never find a light that is fully charged! There is also a tray built into the charging pad where you can place your phone to be charged wirelessly! Light up your loved ones Christmas.

€165.50 Inc Vat Click Here to view on the site

Draper Led Inspection Lamp


The Draper Led rechargeable hand lamp is on of our best selling lamps. Some of the highlights of this lamp include its two magnets and swivel base so it can basically be mounted anywhere to provide  light for any job in the garage or around the house. It also provides loads of light at 35o Lumens and the battery life is far greater due to the LED type bulbs.

€43.00 Inc Vat  Click here to view on the site

Draper 6 Drawer Top Box


The Draper top box is an perfect bit of kit for any garage whether its for DIY use or a busy Mechanics workshop this tool box stands the test of time. Featuring 3 wide drawers and 3 small drawers it provides the perfect solution to organise tools in the workshop. This Toolbox would be ideal for someone starting out who already has a few tools and needs to keep them together in one place.

€185 Inc Vat Click here to view on our site

Autoglym Polar Collection Kit


The Autoglym Polar Collection Kit is the perfect gift for those who love to clean their car on a regular basis. This kit includes Polar Blast, Polar Wash and Polar Seal, three of Autoglyms best cleaning products for the exterior of your car. A great gift for any car enthusiast in your house hold.

€25 Inc Vat Click here to view on our site

Autoglym UHD Ceramic Coating Kit

ceramic-coating-kit-irelandThe Autoglym Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating Kit is a great gift for any car enthusiast. Our finest, most durable paint protection yet. Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating locks in perfect paintwork, providing the foundations for a year-round silky smooth, mirror-like finish. This ceramic coating keeps your cars paint protected and clean for up to a year. A perfect Gift for the perfectionist!

€69.99 Inc Vat Click here to view on the site

Draper 20V Impact Wrench Kit

Impact WrenchThis powerful cordless impact wrench is the ultimate addition to anyone’s tool kit. This impact wrench has enough power to do most jobs on your vehicle and it is lightweight enough not to cause fatigue on bigger jobs. This cordless impact wrench is one of our best sellers in impact wrenches due to its lower price compared to other impact wrench brands. Comes in a heavy duty carry case and also eligible for free delivery.

€208.99 Inc Vat Click Here to view on our site

Maypole Electronic Smart Charger

battery chargerThe Maypole 4A smart charger is a perfect gift that is essential in any tool box. It is perfect for charging smaller Lawnmower batteries and car batteries alike. The beauty of this charger is that it cuts out when your battery is charged so you just have to connect it to your battery and then you can leave it to charge the battery without worrying about it overcharging. A great addition to anyone’s tool kit.

€59.95 Inc Vat Click here to view it on our website

Draper 2.25 Tonne Trolley Jack

low-entry-trolley-jackThe Draper low entry 2.25 Tonne Trolley jack is one of our best priced Jacks. It is perfect for a busy professional garage or a DIY workshop alike. Its low entry design is perfect for using under lower cars and its rubber pad is designed to minimise the risk of damage to the jacking points on your car. A great gift that is also eligible for free delivery throughout Ireland.

€167 Inc Vat Click Here to View on our site

Draper 20V Hammer Drill Kit

20V 3 funtion Hammer drillThe Draper 20V Hammer Drill kit is a perfect tool for the workshop or around the house. The Kit comes with two 2AH batteries and a fast charger. There are three settings: drill, hammer and screw. It is also lightweight enough for big jobs. This is one of our highly recommended gifts this Christmas.

€149.95 Inc Vat Click here to view on our site

Megiuars Snow Cannon Kit


The Megiuars Snow Cannon kit is the ultimate piece of kit for quicker and easier washing of your vehicle. It comes with 3 pressure washer adapters for Karcher, Nilfisk and Bosch washers. The kit includes a bottle of Gold Class car wash, which will transform the way you wash your car. The kit provides outstanding foaming action and excellent cling to gently foam away dirt, road grime and contaminants. While revitalising colour, clarity and gloss – all without stripping your vital wax protection!

€86 Inc Vat Click here to view on our site

Unilite 350 Lumen Dual Power Headlamp

unilite-headlamp-irelandThe Unilite dual power headlamp is one of our best performing headlamps. With loads of power at 350 Lumens, it will shed light to any corner of a job. The added feature of dual light allows the wearer to adjust between the low light setting and high beam setting in order to conserve battery power. This robust piece of kit would be a great present this Xmas.

€86 Inc Vat Click here to view on our site

Laser Racing Beanie with Rechargeable Lamp

led-beanieThe laser Racing beanie is a winter essential for any tradesman. The rechargeable lamp has great power and is easily recharged in any USB port. This Gift will keep your loved ones warm and also provide light in the dark evenings this Christmas.

€15.25 Click here to view on our site

Unilite 275 Lumen headlamp

The Unilite HL-4R is the dual power headlamps little brother. This headlamp is lightweight and robust enough to provide light in any conditions. With an output of 275 Lumens it is powerful but also provides great battery life at 6.5 hours to 170 hours depending on its setting. Great addition under the tree this Xmas.

€56 Inc Vat Click here to view on our site

Autofactors Waterford Gift Voucher


Give them the gift of choice this Christmas. With one of the widest varieties of products in our store a gift voucher is the ultimate gift for any car enthusiast. Allow them to choose from a range of Car Parts, Tools, Valeting, Panel beating and Towing equipment in our Waterford store. Each gift card that is purchased will be physically sent via An Post to the person who has purchased it. It can be then be gifted and used in our Waterford store at any time.

€10-200 Inc Vat Click here to view on our site

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